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Job Interview is a process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in their company, organization, or firm. A typical job interview has a single candidate meeting with between one and three persons representing the employer; the potential supervisor of the employee is usually involved in the interview process. A larger interview panel will often have a specialized human resources worker. The meeting can be as short as 15 minutes; job interviews usually last less than two hours. The bulk of the job interview will be the interviewers asking the candidate questions about their history, personality, work style and other relevant factors to the job. The candidate will usually be given a chance to ask any questions at the end of the interview. Questions are strongly encouraged, not only do they allow the interviewee to acquire more information but they also demonstrate the candidate's strong interest in the position and company. A candidate should follow up the interview with a thank you letter expressing their appreciation for the opportunity of meeting with the company representative. The thank you letter ensures that the candidate will stay fresh in the interviewer's mind.



In many contexts, a resume is short (usually one or two pages), and therefore contains only experience directly relevant to a particular position. Many resumes use precise keywords that the potential new employers are looking for, are self-aggrandizing, and contain many action words.

Traditionally, resumes have rarely been more than two pages, as potential employers typically did not devote much time to reading resume details for each applicant. However, employers are changing their views regarding acceptable resume length. Since increasing numbers of job seekers and employers are using Internet-based job search engines to find and fill employment positions, longer resumes are needed for applicants to differentiate and distinguish themselves. Since the late 1990s, employers have been more accepting of resumes that are longer than two pages.[citation needed] Many professional resume writers and human resources professionals believe that a resume should be long enough so that it provides a concise, adequate, and accurate description of an applicant's employment history and skills.[citation needed] The transmission of resumes directly to employers became increasingly popular as late as 2002. Jobseekers were able to circumvent the job application process and reach employers through direct email contact and resume blasting, a term meaning the mass distribution of resumes to increase personal visibility within the job market. However the mass distribution of resumes to employers often can have a negative effect on the applicants chances of securing employment as the CVs tend not to be tailored for the specific positions the applicant is applying for. It is usually therefore more sensible to adjust the CV for each position applied for.

The complexity and simplicity of various resume formats tends to produce results that vary from person to person, occupation, and industry. It is important to note that resumes used by medical professionals, professors, artists and people in many other specialized fields may be comparatively longer. For example, an artist's resume, typically excluding any non-art-related employment, may include extensive lists of solo and group exhibitions.

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